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Living Water Destiny School Of Theology Cameroon.

Top Quality Theological Studies

Building healthy leaders with a passion for the preservation of healthy churches and communities for the future.

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Bachelor of theology

The Bachelor of Theology program is a professional undergraduate degree. It is designed to equip students for effective pastoral ministry. Students are required to complete 90 credit units.

Master of Divinity

The Master of Divinity program is a professional graduate degree beyond the Bachelor of Arts or equivalent, designed to equip students for effective ministry. There two tracks in this program.

Masters in counseling psychology

This program provides the student with an overview of counseling as a profession.  It introduces  different theories and models in counseling.  




Living Water Destiny School of Theological Douala, Cameroon is the extension of Destiny College International. 


Living water Destiny School of Theology is not a Traditional Seminary for the mean time. To meet our goal, we have chosen to be offering just Summer Intensive classes.

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Reverend Pastors Abraham, and Grace Kicha


Proffessor Emeritus Mel Loucks.


Reverend Dr Paul Mokake

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Mercy Seat Community Center


Living Water Destiny School of Theological is a learning community established on Biblical Revelation, dedicated to teaching, training, and transforming the whole person for the ministry of the local church and global ministries at large. This motivation is accomplished through our partnership with the Lord of the Church and the local churches to nurture Christ-like servant leaders who will joyfully use their spiritual gifts in their local churches and communities. We seek to build saints who reverence Christ’s glorious supremacy over all things, passionate to spread the glory of Christ to all peoples, constrained by the love of Christ and God-centered ministry. Saints devoted to God’s design for the family and the creation order, characterized by faith, vision, and prayer.

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