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Bachelor of Theology (B.Th)

The B.Th program has the same purpose as Master of Divinity. It is designed to provide a basic three-year program for those planning to invest their lives in church or mission vocation which may requires ordination. In most traditional seminaries,B.Th is four years; however, we chose to follow the Cameroon system of three-year degree program. The program offers a broad biblical, theological and practical foundation for Christian ministry. The fact that this program is geared toward full-time ministry should not be a hindrance to the laity who just want to know the Word and help in the ministries of their local Church.
Qualification for Admission: Students who qualify for theB.Th program must have completed high school and earned a high school diploma or an equivalent in order to gain admission. Core Courses: Greek and Hebrew Biblical Interpretation I, The Centrality of Christ in Missions, Personal Discipleship , OT Survey Christ-Centered Teaching , Theology I – Bibliology/Theology Proper , Theology II – Christology/Ecclesiology Theology III – Anthropology, Hamartiology & Soteriology , Theology IV – Pneumatology/Eschatology , The Centrality of Christ in Biblical Counseling, Preaching. Marriage and Family, Church History, African Traditional Religion.

Qualification of Graduation: Must complete all Credit hours needed forB.Th program
1.) A total of 100 units class work required for completion of Bachelor of Theology education.
2.) Complete filed work Assignment
3.) Write and defend doctrinal beliefs